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QFILU's role

In the context of the National Inquiry on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Justice Canada has called on different representatives of Canadian provinces and territories in the field of services to victims to deploy Family Information Liaison Units. 


The purpose of these units is to guide and assist victims’ families in their search for information with different agencies and services concerned. In Québec, the mandate was assigned to the Bureau d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels (BAVAC) of the Ministère de la Justice.


The unit acts as a single point of access to information for victims’ families to ensure liaison between the agencies and the services.

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Role de l'uqlif

Want to know more about QFILU's operations

Are you part of the family of a missing or murdered Indigenous woman or girl, and you are looking for information concerning her?
Do you have questions about the services (psychological help, etc.) and the compensation to which you might be entitled as a victim’s family?
The Unité québécoise de liaison et d’information aux familles (UQLIF) – the Québec Family Information Liaison Unit for families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls – may be able to help you.

Our operation

Our values

Giving assistance in a respectful environment

The Unité québécoise de liaison et d’information aux familles ⁄ Québec Family Information Liaison Unit proposes a welcoming and culturally safe approach that respects Indigenous cultures. The values of listening, empathy, confidentiality and inclusion are also an integral part of our practices.

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